Helping others never borders ways, both soul and property. Foodbank of Indonesia receives sincere donations (non-money) donated in the form of goods that have value for the benefit of the needy.

These items can be classified in several forms:
First, ready goods distribution to beneficiaries. Like ready-to-eat food and beverages directly distributed to victims of natural disasters, clothing (clothes, blankets, towels, sanitary napkins, etc.), shelter (tents, stoves, cooking utensils, etc.), hygiene purposes (soap, brush teeth, toothpaste, etc.), medicines and medical devices, as well as other items adapted to the conditions of the beneficiaries.
Secondly, items that can be utilized in humanitarian action. Such as raincoats for volunteers, inflatable boats, tents, etc.
Third, other valuable items that can be converted in money and used for humanitarian missions. Such as jewelry, precious metals, vehicles, etc.

The donation can be delivered to Office Foodbank of Indonesia di Jl. Abdul Majid Dalam III No. 2B, Komplek Deplu,Cipete, Jakarta Selatan